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Cheap PC Game Review – Cage-Face Case 1: The Mine – Full Playthrough

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Weekly Cheap PC Game Review – The Mirror Lied. Weekly look at a different new PC release for $5 or less, so generally a lot of random little indie titles. Some gameplay and thoughts.

Cage-Face Case 1: The Mine is a short first-person horror game released October 6, 2021 for free.

From Steam:


What seemed to be a standard missing person’s case became much more when you discovered that the person you were looking for was caught in their own search for an unnatural being that seems to hunt people down in tunnels. Your investigation soon leads you to a VHS tape of a survivor of this monster giving his accounts of the horrors he faced.

This is CAGE-FACE | Case 1: The Mine, a short first-person survival horror game where you play as a teen who made the mistake of entering the mine tunnel to spray-paint it – Now his goal is to escape the tunnels as a mysterious entity stalks him.

Game Features
A survival horror experience that takes around 15 minutes to complete.
Evade and hide from an unnatural entity that can seemingly appear and disappear at will.
Complete puzzles and find ways to progress while fighting a mysterious illness that threatens your life.
Graphic hand-drawn cutscenes and game overs.
Features two difficulty modes: Normal and Hardcore.
Enjoy a whole game programmed almost entirely by the developer.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Gameplay
13:48 Review/Thoughts